Ellie Cashman Wallpaper – As Seen On The Block – The Secret Is Out!

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

We have installed Ellie Cashman wallpaper for quite a few clients throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We absolutely love her wallpapers and are big fans. Not only are her large scale floral papers unique but the quality is amazing! Ellie is an amazing designer from the Netherlands who also produces fabric, cushions and scarves. We were mentioned on her blog here after we had installed her Dark Floral design in an apartment at Teneriffe in Brisbane.

As installers we come across many different wallpapers from all over the world. Ellie’s wallpapers come on a continuous roll where each drop is cut from. When purchasing wallpaper from Ellie Cashman you will get a perfect fit for your wall as each design is custom made to fit your exact wall measurements.

We always say Ellie’s papers are only limited by your imagination as they look good in any area whether that be a living area, bedroom or powder room as you will see in the following images.

Here are a few installations we have done using Ellie Cashman wallpaper of course.

Ellie Cashman Wallpaper Installed By Wow Wallpaper Hanging

Teneriffe wool store installation using Ellie Cashman wallpaper - Dark Floral

Ellie Cashman – Dark Floral Design installed in the Teneriffe Wool Store Apartments


Teneriffe Brisbane Wallpaper installation using Ellie Cashman wallpaper

This Dark Floral design from Ellie Cashman wallpaper is the perfect compliment to this bedroom at the Teneriffe Wool Store Apartments


Dark Floral II Black Saturated design - Ellie Cashman wallpaper

Installing Dark Floral II Black Saturated design in a florist shop – Fortitude Valley Brisbane. The perfect compliment to this business!


Ellie Cashman Wall Mural for a florist shop in Fortitude Valley

The finished mural – Ellie Cashman wallpaper is the icing on the cake for this florist business.


Ellie Cashman Wallpaper - Brisbane wallpaper installation

Another example of “Dark Floral” giving this bedroom a romantic feel. The whole bedroom is transformed with the simple addition of Ellie’s gorgeous wallpaper. It doesn’t take much to achieve the “wow factor” when using Ellie Cashman wallpaper.


Ellie Cashman Wallpaper - Brisbane wallpaper hanging

The same bedroom using different furniture placement.


Installing Ellie Cashman Wallpaper

Our expert wallpaper installer – Henry, doing a wonderful job with Ellie’s paper


Ellie Cashman wallpaper installation in powder room Woolowin, Brisbane

Installing Ellie’s mural is a lot more complicated than a normal wallpaper. Being a mural, it’s a continuous design which means there’s no room for error. Unlike normal standard wallpaper where another drop can be easily inserted, with a mural like Ellie’s that’s not the case. That’s why it’s so important to have a professional install Ellie’s wallpapers especially in a complicated area such as this powder room.


Ellie Cashman wallpaper installation New Farm

This time Ellie’s paper is installed in a living area in New Farm, Brisbane. Just as much impact and just as much “wow”

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Commercial Wallpapering – Brisbane & Gold Coast

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Commercial wallpapering throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane has gained in popularity due to the fact that wallpaper can deliver the “wow factor” like nothing else can.

Commercial wallpaper installation - Indooroopilly Shopping CentreNot only has wallpaper become the must have item for residential interior decorating but it has also proved to be instrumental in creating atmosphere for businesses of all types.

Commercial wallpaper fitouts can include shops, offices, cafes, restaurants, salons, hotels and boutiques.
We have been involved in large scale commercial wallpaper jobs right down to small salon jobs.

Whether the job is large or small it’s the wallpaper that sets a business apart from the rest. Some businesses choose wallpaper based solely on it’s aesthetic appeal whereas others choose commercial vinyls simply because they are hard wearing, noise absorbing and easy to maintain.

Commercial vinyl wallpaper can take a lot of knocks but is also very easily cleaned with a damp cloth unlike paint that would probably need a whole wall repainted.

Given the sheer amount of designs and colours available today in wallpaper it’s very easy to create a look for your business that is unique and customised to suit you.

Please take a look below at some of the various commercial wallpapering jobs we have completed.


Commercial Wallpaper Shop Fitting – Large Department Store

We are currently working on a commercial wallpaper installation for a large department store fitout in the Queen St Mall in Brisbane. This one has multiple floors and requires wallpapering to all the change rooms, alteration rooms, store rooms, staff room and managerial offices. Choosing commercial grade vinyl wallpapers was important for this scale job as the walls need to be hard wearing. Commercial wallpaper comes in extra wide width rolls and requires double cutting on the joins.

commercial wallpapering Brisbane


commercial wallpaper installation Brisbane


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Wall Mural Installations – Gold Coast & Brisbane

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Rebel Walls - New York City MuralWe hang wall murals on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. They have become very popular due to the huge range in variety and the many different manufacturers offering all sorts of designs.

Wall murals have instant effect when installed. As most murals are photos of either a landscape, cityscape, the ocean, a landmark or people, they can transport you to another place instantly. Creating an atmosphere has never been so easy just by choosing the right mural and installing it in the right place.

Today we are lucky to have the technology to be able to take a photo of anything and have it customised to our specific size and made into a mural.

There really is something to suit everyone when it comes to murals. You might love sport and want something to do with soccer, motor racing or cycling. If you love the ocean and surfing then there are beautiful scenes of waves crashing and people surfing. A beautiful tropical island with palm trees swaying will transport you a million miles away and calm the stress. In fact any nature inspired mural will do the trick to add a sense of calm such as a forest mural. What about a busy sprawling cosmopolitan city mural with night lights?

Murals are also very popular with kids. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of fun and colour to their bedrooms and create a little fantasy world for them. Kids never get bored with looking at their magical walls.

Many businesses also use wall murals to create a certain mood. Whether it be a salon, a fashion boutique or a restaurant, choosing the right wall mural can create wonders.
There are even faux look murals that resemble timber, bricks and concrete.

Below we show a few mural installations we have done throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Custom Wall Murals

Sometimes it’s impossible to find the exact mural you want to fit the exact space you want. That’s when it makes sense to get a customised mural where you can get any photo made into a mural to fit your wall or space like a glove. It may be that you would like a family photo or event made into a mural, or perhaps that unforgettable holiday snap.

If you’re a business then it may be a particular photo relating to your product or service that you need. The mural below was a customised print made specially for the sales office of The Verge Apartments at Cannon Hill. We installed this mural to a wall that included a door.




Below was a customised mural specially made for an Aviation College.

Custom mural installation - Aviation College Archerfield


Our client had a very specific image in mind when he decided to go for a New York City image. The only problem was that he couldn’t find what he wanted on any of the mural sites so he decided to buy the exact image he wanted and had it made into the mural of his dreams. Custom murals are made to your specific measurements so you know it will look amazing.

Custom New York City Mural - Reedy Creek Gold Coast

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Black Grasscloth Wallpaper Installation – Broadbeach Waters – Gold Coast

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Grasscloth wallcoverings are the perfect choice for the latest contemporary look. We recently installed a beautiful black grasscloth with a hint of natural straw through it. It was installed to the back wall of a staircase and the difference was amazing.

As the back wall was 4 metres high and devoid of anything, it really needed something on it to make a statement.
The owner chose a really stunning grasscloth in dark shades which completely changed the entire look of the staircase.

Grasscloth wallpaper installation finishedThe Finished Grasscloth Wallpaper Installation Spanning The Whole Length Of The Back Wall To Staircase

The staircase can be seen as soon as you walk through the front entrance so it was important to use the space wisely. The grasscloth wallpaper makes a statement, turning this once bland area into a head turner.

before wallpapering staircase wallPreparing The Wall For Grasscloth

We always say what a difference wallpaper makes to a space but it’s absolutely true. Nothing else can add impact like wallpaper.

Grasscloths give that natural earthy look and create visual appeal as they have the natural texture of the grasses.. The beauty of grasscloths or grassweaves is that they are available in so many different colours. The natural beige and tan tones of grassclothes look beautiful as they are but sometimes you want a shade that will compliment your interior colour scheme.

Broadbeach Waters Staircase wallpaper installationGrasscloth sheets are wider than normal wallpaper at 900cm wide

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Red Grasscloth Wallpaper Installation – Hendra, Brisbane

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Grasscloth wallpaper is the sophisticated choice for todays modern interiors.

Grascloths, sisals, grassweaves and all natural usually come in natural colours but today manufacturers are producing natural wallcoverings such as grasscloth in beautiful colours of red, blues and greens to name a few. Please see another of our grasscloth wallpaper posts to get even more ideas about this versatile wallcovering.

This week we installed a gorgeous natural grasscloth wallpaper in red. Below is a closeup so you can see how this wallpaper looks closeup.

Of course once hung on a wall and observed from a distance it takes on a whole different look.

This red grasscloth was a great choice for our clients living room. It was used as a backdrop to a wall mounted tv and framed two long white shuttered windows. The results were stunning and the “wow factor” that this room was after.

Below we show the process of installing this red grasscloth with before and after photos.

red grasscloth wallpaper installation - Hendra, BrisbaneRed Grasscloth Wallpaper Installed In Living Room

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Brick Wallpaper Installation – The Grange, Brisbane

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

We recently completed a brick wallpaper installation at The Grange in Brisbane where our client has a beautiful Queenslander character home that includes a modern industrial styled area downstairs. It was once home to an art studio and incorporates polished concrete floors, large timber sliding doors and white painted walls and partition walls. The area is completely self contained with it’s own small kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom and toilet.

We would describe it as having a modern industrial warehouse feel. The owners wanted to add a warmth to the area while still keeping with the modern industrial look. To create the warm warehouse feel they chose a wonderful brick wallpaper from Kemra Wallpapers. It’s called Camden Factory Bricks and was the perfect choice to add the “wow factor” to the space. It also injected warmth and character into the space which is exactly what they were looking for.

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Tropical Wallpaper – Palm Leaf Wallpaper – Think Jungles & Balmy Nights – Think Fresh & Cool

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Tropical palm leaf wallpaper is back! Yes that’s right big bold palm tree and tropical designs are the next big thing. This trend was highlighted at New York fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2015. Any design trend that pops up at Fashion week ends up in home decor and interior design.

The tropical theme is a clean fresh look that can easily be achieved by using tropical inspired wallpapers and adding large comfy sofas, maybe some cane and of course lots of lush greenery. Getting that jungle vibe happening all adds to a lush relaxed tropical theme.
You can go over the top with lots of elements or keep it simple by adding natural materials and lots of white.

Whichever way you go the idea is to invoke a relaxed feeling of being at a resort. Warm balmy nights with a gentle coastal breeze and the soft sound of palm trees swaying in rhythm to the elements all allow us to be transported to another world. If you want that sort of atmosphere at your home then wallpaper is the easiest way to get the look. Similar wallpapers inspired by nature that might also be of interest are floral wallpapers. The flower and floral wallpapers have some wonderful and colourful designs that depict nature. and could also look good in a tropical theme.

We have come across some gorgeous tropical inspired wallpapers available from WallpaperDirect. Below we show you some different designs to get your imagination ticking.

House Of Hackney Wallpaper – Palmeral

It’s so easy to bring the outdoors into your home with this fresh foliage print from British design house – House of Hackney. Palmeral is an Art Deco inspired patio print featuring an explosion of palm leaves reminiscent of 1930s Palm Springs.Palmeral is available in 5 different colourways including green on off white as pictured below, green on dark midnight, Azure blue on off white, azure blue on midnight and green on red.

Click Here To Buy Palmeral

House Of Hackney Wallpaper - Palmeral


House Of Hackney Wallpaper - Palm leaf design - Palmeral

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Anaglypta Wallpaper On Ceilings – The Perfect Coverup To Hide Ugly Ceilings

Monday, April 20th, 2015

We have used Anaglypta wallpaper or paintable wallpaper to cover an ugly ceiling a few times now. The results are always amazing and completely transform ugly ceilings into a fresh clean looking ceiling. Once Anaglypta is installed it can either be left in it’s natural white colour or painted.

We are amazed that this versatile wallpaper is not more widely used here in Australia. It is a wonderful choice for covering up a multitude of sins without all the hard work. Of course it’s not only for ceilings but also used for walls. For even more embossed or Anaglypta wallpaper designs please visit our Anaglypta – Textured Wallpaper page where we also show how others have used it.

Below we show how we installed Anaglypta wallpaper on a ceiling for a client in Brisbane.

This is in her own words:

Here’s what we were faced with … a fairly extreme example of what Anaglypta is capable of covering!

before installing Anaglypta wallpaper


ceilings before transformation with Anaglypta wallpaper


Here’s the work in progress …

installing anaglypta wallpaper on a ceiling


installing anaglypta wallpaper on a ceiling


And here is the result … new fan, a lampshade and a whole new ceiling!

Anaglypta wallpaper installation Brisbane

finished ceiling in Anaglypta wallpaper

While the pattern is quite detailed when you look closely, once the room is decorated and you have other things to look at at eye level, any pattern on the ceiling becomes much more subtle. It will look even better once we get round to painting it! The above wallpaper is from the Anaglypta brand and is called Cottage Garden. It can be bought online from WallpaperDirect, click here for a direct link to buy at $37 per roll.

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Wow ‘Em With Wallpaper In Your Powder Room

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

wallpaper in powder roomDid you know that wallpaper in powder rooms looks pretty darn sensational?

Powder rooms and bathrooms might be small areas but they can certainly deliver the “wow factor” when they are decked out in wallpaper.

Wallpapering bathrooms and powder rooms is becoming increasingly popular.Wallpaper can make a big impact in any room and  this is particularly true for the smallest room in  the house. You can afford to take a risk in a powder room, be a bit bold and try something you might not necessarily try in any other room in the house.

It’s also the perfect way to “wow” your guests!

Wallpaper has the advantage of supplying beautiful images, designs and colour which is superior to just painting or adding tiles.Combining the right wallpaper with the right tile will definitely create the “wow factor” in your bathroom.

Powder rooms are generally small which means it won’t take much wallpaper to cover them and create a stunning effect. Powder rooms are the one room where you can use high style for big impact in a small space.

Our clients are always looking for ways to individualise their spaces and create a look that is unique to them. Wallpaper will do just that.

If you’re really wanting a very elegant powder room then wallpaper will deliver. It’s easy to get that “Hollywood Glamour” style by using wallpaper.

Also with powder rooms it’s best to wallpaper every wall unlike other areas where one feature wall would perhaps be enough. Being such a small room, the powder room needs the whole space to be covered.

You would be forgiven for thinking that it would be easy to wallpaper this small room yourself.However wallpapering a tiny room can be a bit complicated. It’s important to take pattern repeat into consideration but also wallpapering tight corners and behind toilets, not as easy as you’d think.

Below we have included a few of our recent powder room wallpaper installations that all look amazing with the addition of wallpaper.

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Grasscloth Wallpaper Used By Darren And Dee On The Block Triple Threat

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Natural textured wallpaper is very on trend right now. You would only have to listen to the designers on “The Block” and one of the contestants Dee to know that.
Darren Palmer is a big fan of grasscloth wallpaper, he couldn’t stop himself from touching it saying it’s ‘one of his favourite things in all of existence!’
So what is all the fuss about? Let’s take a look below at the winner of  Week 1 Room Reveals – Darren and Deanne’s bedroom. The wallpaper they used is Schumacher Wallpaper – Haruki Sisal in Silver from Grant Dorman.

Week 1 Room Reveals Using Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth Wallpaper Used By Darren And Dee On The Block Triple Threat


Grasscloth wallpaper - The Block


Darren and Dee's Bedroom - grasscloth wallpaper


Guest Bedroom Reveals Using Grasscloth Wallpaper

The below wallpaper is the same wallpaper that Darren and Dee used in their previous bedroom above except it is Harucki Indigo/Charcoal in colour.

Darren and Dee guest Bedroom using grassclloth wallpaper


Dee's Guest Bedroom


Dee's grasscloth bedroom


Dee's grasscloth wall with leopard bed


The below guest bedroom was done by Tim and Anastacia who aslo used a grasscloth wallpaper. Their wallpaper is available from Boyd Blue and is called Ethereal Duck Egg Grassweave wallpaper.

Grasscloth wallpaper in tim and anastacia's bedroom


Tim and  Anastacia's Bedroom

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